Why You Should Always Hire Professional Riggers

Whether you are in construction, manufacturing, heavy industry or a similar field, you know the importance of getting the job done right when you need to move something big. Rigging is an important – though sometimes underappreciated – element of the moving process. If you need to move heavy equipment or any large or complex materials, make sure you hire the right professional riggers.

The Value of Professional Rigging

Rigging is typically used for installing new machinery and relocating or removing equipment at a new plant. 

If a load is rigged correctly, it will lift smoothly, safely and without anything dramatic happening. In many cases, the rigging looks simple. Unfortunately, this leads to people thinking they can avoid hiring professional rigging companies and just use their existing crew to rig the load. This is a mistake. Good rigging is about knowing what equipment to use when and accounting for all possible risks. It looks smooth and simple thanks to a meticulous attention to detail.

Choosing professional riggers means putting safety first. It also helps to ensure that every lift will be successful and completed in a timely manner. The right rigging can be the difference between whether or not your project is successful.

Benefits of Hiring CCI Industrial Constructors Riggers

Of course, not all rigging companies are the same. To get the best results, you need to work with the best. CCI Industrial Constructors’s rigging teams can help you to ensure that your lifts will be executed correctly. The four main advantages of choosing us to handle your rigging: our application of specialized tools and equipment, our management of deadlines, our extensive experience and our emphasis on safety.

Specialized Tools & Equipment

CCI Industrial Constructors has an extensive selection of specialized equipment. These tools help us to better rig loads, including ones that have unusual centers of gravity or that may be prone to swinging or shifting. Our state-of-the-art gear ensures that we are ready to tackle any lift you may need.

More importantly, however, our team members know how to apply this equipment. All the best rigging gear in the world is not worth a lot without people who know which loads need what tools.

Managing Critical Deadlines & Shutdowns

When you are moving heavy equipment, keeping your deadlines is important. Even small delays have set off chain effects that cause your project to seriously suffer. Our team members know how to ensure that lifts happen successfully, on time and on budget. Trust us with your mission-critical rigging operations to keep your project on track and avoid shutdowns.

Industry Experience

The CCI Industrial Constructors team has been building with pride since 1997. We have experience in automotive, heavy industry, power generation, industrial processes, wastewater and manufacturing. That experience helps us to better predict the pitfalls and risks of a project. We can plan for those potential issues and help to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch.

Plus, we offer more than just rigging services. So, if a project calls for other services, we have the people ready to get the job done.

Emphasis on Safety

Finally, we place the utmost importance on safety. In the world of rigging, safety is central to success. First and foremost, we want to avoid any risk of injuries or other workplace incidents. Additionally, safe rigging and successful lifts go hand-in-hand. Doing things right helps to ensure that everyone is safe and that the project gets done. We pride ourselves on our outstanding safety record among rigging companies.