Specialty Welding

CCI uses advanced industry equipment & certified welders to provide specialty welding services for complex repairs & construction projects.

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Delivering Complex Welding Services

Welding Capabilities

Based on over two decades of experience, CCI has developed welding procedures and techniques that allow us to quickly solve complex welding challenges. Our team offers certified welding services through our signatory trades of millwrights, ironworkers & boilermakers.

Structural Welding

Our welders offer experience and expertise in the commercial and industrial markets. Capabilities range from complex repairs and reinforcement to specialty welding services. As a construction and maintenance contractor, we employ certified welder’s and possess welding procedures that allow us to provide high quality welding services for challenging conditions. Our knowledge, work history and equipment allow us to respond quickly to challenging and critical steel projects.

Routine and Preventative Maintenance

Our highly skilled team can maintain, repair, and install structural components offering cost-effective solutions for various process equipment. Whether it’s affecting plant productivity or exposure to a dangerous work environment, we have the necessary leadership, tools and welding procedures to accommodate routine and preventative maintenance projects with speed and efficiency.

Emergency Repairs

Our self-perform breakdown & welding services are integral to emergency maintenance operations across the heavy industry. CCI built a foundation on responding to customer challenges and adapting to complex environments. By hiring a contractor such as us with the right expertise and equipment, there are numerous tangible advantages including – optimized planning & staffing, improved operational efficiencies & reduced total downtime.

CCI Industrial Constructors - A skilled welder working with focus and precision in a tight, dimly lit space, the arc of the welding torch casting a bright glow on the metal surface.
CCI Industrial Constructors - A skilled welder focused on his work, creating bright sparks in a dimly lit industrial environment.


  • Structural Steel Repairs
  • Seam, Shell & Crack Repairs
  • Stack Maintenance & Repairs
  • Large Component Repairs & Replacements
  • Certified Weld Inspecting

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