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Whether it’s a new installation, retooling project or plant relocation, our team will get the job done right the first time.

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Installation Solutions

Every machinery installation project requires a unique plan, professional equipment, and an expert field team. At CCI, we understand the unique tasks that come with launching a new program, retooling, and relocating critical machinery & tooling. We’re confident we can take on your unique project as a full-service installer. Here are some examples of installation solutions we provide for industrial facilities around the country.

Automation and Robotic Assembly Tooling

At CCI, our machinery installation professionals have experience installing automated assembly lines and robotics for various integrators. We offer single-source capabilities by managing the entire installation process from the equipment utilities, rigging & erecting to the precision leveling, aligning & anchoring.


Our team can take control of re-tooling projects for new models, innovative tooling upgrades and new manufacturing floor designs. Integrating these new processes can create downtime and logistical inconveniences. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, our team fully understands how to navigate and manage critical shutdowns. Backed by an experienced team and a successful work history, CCI has maintained long-term relationships with several major tier 1-3 suppliers.

Conveyor Systems

Dating back to inception, CCI's first contract was at Ford Motor Company installing conveyor & tooling. Since then, CCI has expanded into providing installation and maintenance services for material handling systems in the automotive, power generation, food & beverage and manufacturing industries. Our installation expertise ranges from bulk material handling to floor conveyor, electrified monorail (EMS) and power & free (P&F) systems.

Industrial Equipment Installation

A new assembly line, CNC machine, or other industrial equipment requires a considerable amount of pre-planning, industry experience and responsive services. Our team not only handles heavy equipment every day but does so safely under experienced leadership. We strive to create economical and efficient equipment installation solutions that translate into reduced downtime and workplace injuries. Each installation project is conducted with the highest standards towards safety, quality, delivery, cost and precision.


CCI Industrial Constructors - A large yellow industrial forklift inside a spacious warehouse, ready for heavy-duty lifting.
CCI Industrial Constructors - Industrial maintenance symphony: inside a complex manufacturing facility, where a powerful overhead crane effortlessly moves heavy machinery above workers navigating the metallic maze.


  • Manufacturing Machinery Installation
  • Process & Facility Equipment Installation
  • Conveyor Installation
  • Automated & Robotic Assembly Equipment Installation
  • Precision Alignment & Leveling
  • Plant Shutdowns
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Service (24/7/365)

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