Safety Message

Our teams work diligently to provide the highest safety standards possible. We value safety on the job, but fully recognize the need to bring safety into each aspect of our employees’ lives. No matter the priority, our commitment toward safety is never compromised. Our collective attitude and behavior towards safety is continuously focused on ensuring everyone gets home safe, every day.

Our Mission

Our safety mission is to ensure that everyone goes home to their families in the same way as when they arrived. No matter the project size or scope, our goal is ZERO accidents or incidents, ZERO injuries and ZERO citations.

Empowering Our Employees

We’ve worked hard to install the value among our employees and subcontractors that safety before production is first in all we do. Any worker who observes an unsafe condition or work practice that may pose a threat to health or safety has the power to speak up and stop work.

Incorporating Safety On Every Job Site

To uphold the safest job site for our employees, subcontractors, clients and communities, we review client safety expectations and procedures and evaluate them against our corporate standards to ensure all site-specific conditions and hazards are addressed. Specific procedures are communicated to all parties during site orientations, daily toolbox safety meetings, safe worker observations and job site safety inspections. Furthermore, our safety managers ensure that these standards are consistently maintained over all of our sites.