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Our team of ironworkers have worked around the state performing projects ranging from new structures to certified welding and complex repairs.

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Providing Steel Services From Conception To Completion


There are many logistical decisions to make before breaking ground on your steel erection project. Our team at CCI handles the budget, design and schedule of your steel project so that you can focus on your existing operations. Explore the steel services we offer as part of our turnkey solutions in your industry.

Engineering and Fabrication

Our engineering and fabrication partners have decades of experience performing steel services from preliminary concepts to final engineering. Whether you’re adding to an existing facility or erecting a new structure, our team at CCI works closely together to create a comprehensive solution before breaking ground.

Erection and Installation

We offer self-perform structural steel installation services and also partner with leading subcontractors in the industry to keep your installation process moving forward. Our team brings all the expertise and equipment necessary to handle the structural and other miscellaneous steel required to complete your projects, ranging from small structures to industrial warehouses.

Structural Repairs

Our ironworkers offer experience and expertise in the commercial and industrial markets. Capabilities range from complex repairs and reinforcement to specialty welding services. As a construction and maintenance contractor, we employ certified welder’s and possess welding procedures that allow us to provide high quality welding services for challenging conditions. Our knowledge, work history and equipment allow us to respond quickly to challenging and critical steel projects.


CCI Industrial Constructors - Steel structure construction site with workers and machinery under a clear sky.
CCI Industrial Constructors - Industrial construction site with steel framework and heavy machinery under a clear blue sky.


  • Erection of Structural & Miscellaneous Steel
  • Procurement & Erection of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Engineering, Detailing & Fabrication
  • Structural Reinforcement & Repairs
  • Certified Welding

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