Quality at Every Level

Our key strategies for quality assurance allow us to offer dependable services at every level. Here are the various aspects within our company where we promote a commitment to excellence. Explore each one to see why companies in your industry choose our turnkey industrial services.

Quality Management System

Our written quality assurance program guides our organization by focusing on proactive management.  We comply with industry best practices and continually strive to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.  Our commitment to quality is a proponent to customer satisfaction and is instrumental to our long-term relationships with repeat customers.

Project Specific Quality Control Plans

To ensure each project is completed to the highest quality standards, we create project specific step-by-step quality control plans. The plans guide our actions throughout the project, from pre-construction planning to final close-out.  By thorough understanding of the project details and proactive communication, our team provides dependable and proven leadership in quality assurance.   

Lessons Learned

In order to continuously improve our delivery on projects, we have created a database of Lessons Learned with specific do’s and don’ts collected over the years. We understand the level of experience ranges from seasoned supervisors to first year apprentices and it helps to have a resource everyone can tap into. 

Industry Knowledge and Services

Finally, quality in the workplace means knowledge of your particular industry and your particular project needs. At CCI, we pull all of these elements together with over 20 years of experience in industrial contracting. We’re confident we can work with you to find economical solutions for your project.

Update your facility, replace obsolete machinery or add on to your growing production line with a full range of general contracting, equipment installation and maintenance support. You can expect a safe, efficient, and affordable project when you work with CCI.