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Battle Creek, MI


Power Generation


Turnkey Machinery Installation
Heavy Rigging & Steel Erection


Customer Problem

The Commercial Construction Inc. team’s expertise enabled us to help this Battle Creek, MI customer with a major mechanical installation for a new cogeneration power plant. Using our turnkey machinery installation, heavy rigging and steel erection services, we supported the successful completion of the facility that is helping significantly reduce the emissions from power generation in the area.

Customer Solution

DeMaria contracted CCI to erect a new cogeneration power plant, a type of plant that produces both heat and power. This plant’s purpose is to help the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Battle Creek, Michigan diversify its power generation fuel mix with the goal of cutting the carbon footprint.

The project required the installation of the entire facility including all mechanical equipment, heavy rigging and steel erection . This included numerous critical lifts that needed to be properly rigged, erected and commissioned for operation.

Turnkey Machinery Installation

By providing turnkey installation, we were able to handle all the equipment installation for our customer, meaning they only needed to contract us a single firm. This simplified the project for them and helped to ensure the timeliness of getting the plant ready for operation.

In this case, we were installing equipment in a new location. We took on this part of the project as a full-service solution. In other words, we fully managed, coordinated and oversaw the process of getting the equipment in position and ready for service.

Heavy Rigging

Our team is highly experienced with the necessary rigging for moving heavy equipment. We prioritize safety while creating plans that will ensure project success with minimal plant disruption.

Our team is highly familiar with a wide range of equipment. Due to the complexity of the lifts, multiple crane were required ranging from a 60-ton rough terrain and a 240-ton all terrain to a 400-ton gantry system.

Steel Erection

Additionally, we have capabilities for erecting steel for structural and other needs. Our highly precise and organized project management style helps us to complete steelwork smoothly and efficiently. On various projects, we work on new structures, repairs and building retrofits.

Working on the Battle Creek site, we erected the necessary steel for the power plant. This included structural and miscellaneous steel components for the machinery. Again, by relying on our experience and organizational capacity, we were able to ensure well-timed and high-quality steelwork.

Customer Results

The power plant utilized wood chips as renewable fuel. By switching from conventional fossil fuels to carbon-neutral biomass fuel, the VA diversified its fuel mix. The result was a reduction in greenhouse gases by approximately 14,000 tons per year (cutting 80% of the carbon footprint of the prior solution). Through the high-quality and timely provision of our services, we helped our customer and the VA to achieve the power generation goals of the project.

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