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CCI Industrial Constructors Performs Critical Outage Repairs & Upgrades on Units 2-4 at Local Power Plant

BRIGHTON, MI (October 18, 2022) – CCI Industrial Constructors, a self-performing general contractor, today announced the company has completed critical power outage repairs at a local power plant in Carson City. The repair required engineering, procurement & construction services for multiple projects during the routine fall 2022 outage. The plant operates four simple-cycle natural gas Westinghouse W501D combustion turbines, generating 732 megawatts of electricity.

“As a construction and maintenance contractor, we possess the necessary quality control welding procedures that allows us to provide high quality welding services for challenging conditions and various base metals & filler metal combinations” said Phil Garcia, Operations Manager. “We understand the urgency needed when working on scheduled outages, so our team worked two shifts in order to reduce downtime and ensure the power plant was up and running as quickly as possible.”

The repair consisted of four different phases of work and took 6 weeks to complete. The first phase of work included the design, fabrication and replacement of Units 2 – 4 combustion turbine generator (CTG) stack baffles, brackets & liners. Over time, the internal fill materials degrade and the structural supports crack due to high heat conditions. Preliminary engineering and planning occurred in mid-February with the completion of fabrication in September.

The second phase included rapid welding repairs on the Unit 1 CTG exhaust stack. Our team mobilized boilermakers within 48 hours of being notified with the proper tools, equipment and specialty welding procedures to perform the repairs.

The third phase included welding repairs on the Unit 4 turbine manifold. The manifold is directly connected to the turbine rotor that powers the standalone unit. The area had succumbed to cracks in critical areas where heat expanded the specialty metal. Once this phase was complete, the power plant was up and running efficiently.

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