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General Contracting

By supporting our clients and all other contractors on-site, a specialty contractor like CCI can improve the quality and productivity of the construction process. With all major construction requirements across a site handled by CCI, subcontractors can focus on their core skills and responsibilities. In addition, we can coordinate and streamline the execution of all self-perform activities. For the owner, this relieves many of the headaches caused by the complexity of the project. Having one point of contact ensures clear lines of responsibility, saving management time, and reducing risk.

Discover how you can launch a safe project with your team at CCI to meet your new construction, shutdown, retooling, or relocation project. Our local and national coverage allows us to deploy equipment and resources to your facility at any time of the year. It’s just one more way we’re committed to developing long-term relationships through honest, fair business practices.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

A critical infrastructure project is a large investment in capital, resources, and time. For that reason, many organizations choose to engage in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services when taking on a critical project. CCI’s experience as an EPC working on various industrial process systems can provide turnkey solutions that leverage our resources, knowledge and engineering partnerships. Instead of hiring multiple contractors, we serve as a single point of responsibility to manage contracting services such as:

  • Concept Development
  • Front-End Engineering and Design
  • Equipment & Material Procurement
  • Installation, Commissioning & Operations

Each of these steps traditionally requires a separate professional. Interviewing separate companies, bidding on various projects, and organizing an entire design, engineer, and construction team is an inefficient alternative to our turnkey efficiency. Discuss your project with our team to see how we offer economical and effective ways of turning concepts into reality.

Self-Perform Services

At CCI, our construction team includes skilled professionals who can self-perform a large portion of the mechanical construction including – heavy rigging, millwright services, ironwork and certified welding. Ask about our self-perform services to see how our in-house team can cover many of the necessary disciplines to maintain existing process equipment, relocate machinery to a new facility or install new manufacturing equipment.


We have successfully joined forced with multiple engineering firms to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for various industrial systems. Our team has extensive experience working with engineering and owner representatives in the early stages of conceptual design as well as the detailed engineering.

With our self-perform experience, we understand major aspects of a project and how to plan for a successful execution. By taking control and assisting our clients in every aspect of the valued project, we can complete each project efficiently, cost-effectively and without disruption to plant operations.

It’s often we take on work as the Prime Mechanical Contractor. In this role, we generally self-perform 100% of our work scope. We have long been recognized as a leader in the millwright, rigging and specialized installation field. With our equipment and expertise, we’ve offered our clients complete lifting and installation solutions since the company began in 1997.

By self-performing the major mechanical, this allows us to have complete control of a project ensuring the highest productivity results for our clients. As our work history indicates, any project performed will be completed safely, on time and on budget.

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