What Is Heavy Industrial Contracting?

Industrial contracting is responsible for much of the large-scale building around the U.S. Various large structures, including office buildings, homes, roads and bridges, are built using industrial contractors. Industrial contracting service providers such as CCI Industrial Constructors provide performance and turnkey solutions for large-scale industrial businesses. Discover the ins and outs of heavy industrial contracting and how an experienced contractor can help you with your heavy industrial equipment needs. 

Heavy Industry Markets 

Heavy industry refers to any trade that uses large and heavy products, heavy equipment and facilities or complex processes. Because of these aspects, heavy industry often requires a higher up-front capital investment than less difficult industries. Further, heavy market industries often experience cycles of investment and employment. For example, many heavy industry contractors do much of their work during scheduled shutdown and outage months, where a large portion of maintenance and capital construction projects are completed.

The focus of heavy industry contractors is large machinery that involves complex equipment and expertise to operate and maintain. Here are a few heavy industry markets in which CCI Industrial Constructors operates: 

  • Power generation
  • Steel mill
  • Chemical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Industrial process

This is not a comprehensive list of heavy industry markets. Depending on your needs, there are heavy industry contractors with experience outside of the industries mentioned above. 

Advantages of Turnkey Contracting

There are many advantages of working with a turnkey industrial contracting services firm. CCI Industrial Constructors provides turnkey solutions to ensure our customers get the best, most streamlined service possible. The benefits of working with a turkey contractor include: 

  • Hiring one turnkey contractor is often less expensive than working with multiple providers on various project phases.
  • Working with a turkey contractor reduces the time necessary to complete the contractual process by having one process instead of multiple processes.
  • Hiring a turnkey contractor gives a client peace of mind and autonomy as the whole project is managed by one contractor rather than multiple individual contractors. Communicating requirements to one contractor is much more efficient than working with numerous entities.  

Turnkey industrial contracting is often cheaper, less complicated and more streamlined than working with multiple industrial service providers. 

CCI Industrial Constructors Capabilities 

CCI Industrial Constructors specializes in providing industrial contracting services to several heavy industry market providers. Our capabilities include: 

Turnkey equipment installation: Installing heavy equipment requires an effective plan, specialized equipment and a team of industrial contracting experts. We understand how to build new programs, relocate machinery and work with new tools. We’re a full-service installer and provide turnkey equipment installation services to industrial facilities around the country. 

Heavy rigging services: Commercial Construction, Inc is a full-service industrial rigging contractor with the equipment and skilled experts necessary for complex projects. We handle every part of the rigging process, including assembly, disassembly, heavy hauling, transportation, leveling, anchoring and warehousing. 

Millwright services: We specialize in providing millwright services, including emergency repairs, routine maintenance and installing specialized equipment. We have the expertise to maintain existing equipment and overhaul faulty machinery, ensuring your facility gets up and running as soon as possible.  

Steel erection: Commercial Construction, Inc offers self-perform steel installation and erection services. Our in-house industrial contracting experts can perform most of the erection process and partner with subcontractors to perform duties out of our capabilities scope. We can erect several different properties, from small structures to large warehouses. 

We also provide industrial maintenance services for a variety of heavy industry market service providers. 

Shutdowns, Outages & Turnaround: CCI Industrial Constructors specializes in safely managing your shutdowns, outages and turnarounds

Work With an Industrial Contracting Expert

Are you looking for a trustworthy and experienced industrial contracting provider? CCI Industrial Constructors offers expert services tailored to the heavy industry market. We are committed to providing comprehensive, safe, and affordable industrial solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow your business. Learn more about our Heavy Machinery Installation Services.