Phase 1 Cold End Upgrades

Phase 1 Cold End Upgrades

Industry: Heavy Industrial


Scope of Work

Our steel manufacturing client contracted CCI to perform multiple projects during the phase 1 cold end upgrade. The mill produces SBQ carbon and alloy steel bars used in the automotive, construction, agricultural, distribution and energy markets. As part of the pre-construction process, CCI was engaged early on to provide pre-shutdown engineering, fabrication and planning services.

Pre-shutdown activities included layout & elevation verification, design, fabrication and installation of a new banding station and design and fabrication of a new rework table for installation at a later date. The banding station would serve as a new operator station for the relocated equipment. The rework table was retrofitted and converted from a manual table to an automated table. The primary focus of the retrofit was to increase operator safety and adhere to the high safety standards required throughout the plant.  

The shutdown consisted of relocating the main reconditioning line, operator pulpit and manual tables. In order to meet the aggressive shutdown dates, work was performed around the clock until completion. The project was executed with company owned specialty equipment and tools, providing greater efficiency, shared cost savings and eliminating any third-party vendor issues.

Overall, our team safely delivered all project deliverables as well as finished ahead of schedule. This allowed our client to maximize the startup & commissioning period and resume production ahead of the planned shutdown.


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CCI’s Role:

Self-Perform Construction

Project Type:

Plant Upgrade


Monroe, Michigan


Machinery Installation
Shutdowns & Outages


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