HDGL Outage Repairs

HDGL Outage Repairs

Industry:  Heavy Industrial


Scope of Work

CCI provided millwright services for our steel mill client during a routine scheduled outage. The majority of the work performed took place in the Hot-Dipped Galvanizing Line (HDGL) section of the plant. The plant production facilities also include, a blast furnace, basic oxygen furnaces, two ladle metallurgy furnaces, a vacuum degasser, two slab casters and a pickling line tandem cold mill.

CCI was awarded multiple scope packages which included removal and replacement of furnace rolls, inspection, removal and replacement of bearings, replacement of down chute baffles, replacement of heat shields and fluid refill. In order to safely extract and reinstall the furnace rolls, a specialty lifting fixture was utilized. The fixture attached to the rolls and was moved into position utilizing the existing overhead crane.

Precision leveling and alignments were a critical component for the project and plant managers. CCI’s precision millwrights performed the leveling and aligning with our specialty precision instruments along with our senior millwright leadership.

The outage was pulled in prior to the anticipated finish date. Allowing for plant operations to resume production ahead of schedule. In addition, all crew members performed the work without any near misses, incidents or rework. 


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CCI’s Role:

Self-Perform Construction

Project Type:

Industrial Maintenance


Dearborn, Michigan


Millwright Services


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