FGD Backup Power Upgrades

FGD Backup Power Upgrades

Industry: Power Generation


Scope of Work

Our energy client partnered with our team to construct a stand-by power system for the four main Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Units in the plant. The FGD consists of 4 Babcock Wilcox wet FGD absorbers which is designed to remove 97% of entering sulfur dioxide. CCI was contracted to provide construction management and self-perform services for the new capital upgrade.

The scope of work included site excavation, underground mechanical piping & duct banks, new foundations and equipment setting of four (4) 1500KW diesel generators. Due to underground interferences & utilities, hydro-excavation was required in order to locate and preserve existing utilities. The foundation consisted of 48 deep foundation helical piles, 20 tons of rebar and 500 yards of concrete. Each generator set weighed in at approximately 60,000 lbs. Due to the location of underground utilities, site constraints and the weight of the units, an engineered rigging & lifting plan was required to execute the lifts. Our team safely & precisely coordinated & executed the lifts utilizing a 350-ton crane.

In addition to the critical project demands, the project team faced a challenging outage deadline to tie-in and commission the units during planned outages. Through effective planning and execution, the project was safely completed on schedule with no incidents or disruption to plant operations.


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CCI’s Role:

General Contracting

Self-Perform Construction

Project Type:

Capital Construction


Monroe, Michigan


Industrial Construction

Machinery Installation


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