Choosing a Rigging Contractor

Rigging requires skilled contractors to avoid injury, downtime, and damaged equipment. End the search for rigging companies near me. Explore the features of a reliable rigging contractor and see how our team at Commercial Construction Incorporated compares.

Turnkey Rigging Solutions

Some contractors offer outsourced rigging sources or rely on rented equipment to perform essential equipment moving duties. These contractors may be experienced, but aren’t providing turnkey solutions. You need a full-service contracting team that includes skilled millwrights and riggers, equipment and equipment operators to prepare and accomplish a project.

Every project we handle at CCI is tailored to your individual machine-moving requirements, but here are the basic steps involved in any rigging project:

  • Safety planning
  • Dismantling machinery
  • Storing heavy machinery
  • Relocating equipment
  • Installing equipment
  • Start-up & Commissioning

We and implement these steps for any equipment relocation and installation project. From a single die press to a full range of automated manufacturing equipment, CCI is your source for turnkey capabilities.

Our Geographic Capabilities

If the most reliable rigging contractor is on the other side of the country, you need to be sure the team offers nationwide services. Relocating machinery requires logistic considerations, but doing so in another state requires even more planning and resources.

At CCI, we offer local and national services any time of the year. Whether you’re moving power generation equipment in our neighborhood in Michigan or navigating a cross-country relocation project, we have the geographic capabilities you need. CCI has also completed projects in eight different states and Mexico.

Delaying your project by even a few hours can cost you a considerable amount in downtime. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for continuous support and access to industrial rigging services.

Experienced and Reputable Rigging Companies Near Me

You’re making a major investment in your equipment relocation project. This includes your time and finances. Be sure you work with reputable, experienced and credible contractors for this major project.

First, review the experience of your contractor. Look for years of experience, scope of projects and industry-specific rigging projects. These give you a clear understanding of how your chosen contractor will handle your equipment.

Next, ask about insurance policies. At CCI, we’re committed to a zero-accident workplace, but we also carry a generous insurance policy to prevent costs related to equipment damage or injury.

Finally, a reputable contractor communicates clearly throughout the process. Don’t let a delay, moved up schedule or other major change pass by without being fully informed of the process. Similarly, be sure you receive prompt and detailed answers to any questions or concerns about the process.

Safety and Certifications

Safety is an ongoing process. Don’t trust a rigging contractor who isn’t up-to-date on safety protocols and training. From top to bottom, a contracting company must receive continuing training in safety and equipment operation best practice.

Here are a few certifications and training procedures we’re proud to include in our rigging services at CCI:

  • Management and Unions Serving Together drug testing and safety awareness training
  • National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators certification
  • Annual rigging certification
  • Avetta certification
  • ISNetworld certification

Ongoing safety training allows CCI management to craft individualized safety procedures for every process. It also allows our millwrights, riggers and operators to perform their roles with minimal risk of an accident.

Our certifications prepare our project leaders to create a detailed estimate, craft an effective safety plan and prepare the necessary equipment for the rigging project. They ensure our crews  are up-to-date on best practices with state-of-the-art equipment.

Review these features of a quality rigging contractor to determine the best solution for your next project. Work with a local and national leader in skilled rigging for a safe and affordable project for your industry.