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Our customer, Detroit Diesel, is a diesel engine manufacturer and subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America. They contracted with us to ensure the correct, timely and cost-effective installation of new machinery in their Detroit, MI location. We provided comprehensive services including planning, construction, installation and more to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Customer Problem

The customer had acquired a new CNC machine as an upgrade to existing machinery. This item provides automated control of machining tools, providing highly accurate and timely completion of manufacturing processes. With it, our customer aimed to upgrade its automotive manufacturing operations.

The CNC machine weighs around 80,000 pounds and needed rigging and construction work for proper installation. Detroit Diesel needed a provider that could take on the project and see it through to completion with minimal disruption of operations.

Customer Solution

To successfully satisfy the customer’s requirements, CCI needed to position and install the 80,000-pound CNC machine within the existing facility without causing unnecessary disruption. We served as the general contractor for the project. This included self-performing the ridding and final assembly.

The machine needed to be offloaded overhead. So, we used out 40/60 Rig-N-Lift along with an 80K Rigger Special with boom attachments. Performing this installation required us to apply two major services: general contracting and turnkey machine installation.

General Contracting

We provide customers with a complete range of contracting, self-perform and engineering, procurement and construction services. This means that customers like Detroit Diesel can turn to us for a full-service solution for their unique project needs.

On this project, we took on all aspects of installing the machinery. This included pre-construction planning, rigging, moving the 80,000-pound machine and final assembly. We created and executed a plan that would avoid unnecessary interference with the day-to-day activities of the facility. Additionally, we aimed for a quick process to ensure that the customer would be able to use the machinery as soon as possible.

As part of our general contracting and overall work ethos, we make safety our top priority. Our goal on every project is to have zero safety incidents. Through careful leadership, planning and training, we have established a safety culture that exceeds industry standards. We brought this safety mindset to our project with Detroit Diesel and ensured successful and safe completion.

Turnkey Machinery Installation

Our turnkey machinery installation service is focused on providing complete installation, decommissioning or relocation of machinery. This allows our customers to turn to CCI as the sole provider on a machinery installation project, simplifying their work.

Detroit Diesel needed their new CNC machine installed and made ready for operation in an existing facility. To help with this, we coordinated, planned, executed and oversaw the entire process including managing scheduling, job costing and reporting.

We also provided comprehensive planning before beginning the project. Through this, we were able to significantly reduce the time necessary for project completion. The result was that our customer powered on the new CNC machine ahead of schedule. This accelerated timeline helped us to ensure minimal disruption to the customers’ current operations.

Customer Results

The project was successful, and Detroit Diesel powered on and commissioned the new CNC machine two days ahead of schedule. CCI achieved this thanks to two primary factors: our vertically integrated services and our extensive planning.

Since we provide all the services necessary to see projects through from start to finish, we were the sole contractor for Detroit Diesel on this installation and assembly. We provided rigging, machinery movement and more. Additionally, we laid out careful plans for the project including safety, costing and execution. This ensured that Detroit Diesel was completely confident throughout the process and very satisfied with the prompt completion.

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