CNC Machine Line Install

CNC Machine Line Install

Industry: Manufacturing


Scope of Work

Detroit Diesel, a diesel engine manufacturer and subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America contracted with us to ensure the correct, timely and cost-effective installation of new machinery in their Detroit, MI location. We provided comprehensive services including planning logistics, installation and commissioning for a a new CNC machine line. The machinery was procured as an upgrade to an existing process line. This machinery provides automated control of machining tools, providing highly accurate and timely completion of manufacturing processes. The CNC machines weighed approximately 80,000 pounds and needed to be safely rigged and transported for proper installation. Detroit Diesel needed a contractor that could take on the project and see it through to completion with minimal disruption to plant operations.

To successfully satisfy the customer’s requirements, CCI needed to position and install the 80,000-pound CNC machines within the existing facility without causing unnecessary disruption. We served as the general contractor for the project. This included self-performing the rigging, final assembly, leveling & aligning and managing the piping & electrical subcontractors.

The machine needed to be offloaded overhead requiring a tandem forklift pick. The project team utilized our 40/60 Rig-N-Lift along with an 80K Rigger Special with boom attachments. We also provided comprehensive planning before beginning the project. Through this, we were able to significantly reduce the time necessary for project completion. The result was that our customer powered on the new CNC machine ahead of schedule. This accelerated timeline helped us to ensure minimal disruption to the customers’ current operations.

The project was successful, and Detroit Diesel powered on and commissioned the new CNC machine two days ahead of schedule. CCI achieved this thanks to two primary factors: our integrated services and our extensive knowledge working within the automotive industry.


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CCI’s Role:

General Contractor
Self-Perform Construction

Project Type:

Process Upgrades


Detroit, MI


Turnkey Machinery installation


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