Fort Street Bascule Bridge

Fort Street Bascule Bridge

Industry: Highway & Bridge


Scope of Work

The Fort Streel Bascule Bridge was being replaced as a major upgrade for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). CCI was contracted by Toebe to install the complete mechanical drive system for the Bascule Bridge.

As a MDOT Approved contractor, CCI was qualified to self-perform the installation, precision alignment and commissioning of the mechanical drive system that powers the Bascule Bridge. Due to the tolerances of the drive system, precision alignment and measurements were critical components to the seamless startup.

The Fort Street Bridge is the heaviest bascule leaf in the world at 8.2 million pounds and the second largest by deck area at over 15,000 square feet. When operating at full power, the bridge can close in less than a minute.


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CCI’s Role:

Self-Perform Construction

Project Type:

New Construction


Detroit, MI


Millwright Services


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