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Belle River, MI


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Millwright Services


Customer Problem

In an effort to decommission and relocate a Refined Emissions Fuel (REF) System, CCI partnered with DTE to provide all mechanical self-perform services.

Customer Solution

Serving as the prime contractor, CCI self-performed all the demolition, heavy rigging & machinery removal activities, providing a turnkey approach. The lifting and riggings plans were stamped by a professional engineer, re-assuring a safe execution for our customer. In addition, all logistics planning and transportation was managed by our project team.

Customer Results

By partnering with CCI on the front end, the project team was able to provide a pre-construction plan which reduced the overall duration of the project by one week. Contrary to the conceptual removal plan, CCI proposed an alternative plan to remove the equipment in modules through the roof opening. This eliminated several complications and offered our customer significant cost savings.

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