Industrial Services

The term “industrial services,” encompasses a wide array of construction services and responsibilities. In general, the term is associated with industrial facilities that manufacture or process products. When stakeholders decide to increase capacity, rearrange floor layouts, or abandon certain operations, they rely on industrial contracting services to manage and execute these projects.

Read below to learn more about the various types of industrial services.

Industrial Services Explained

Since industrial construction covers a wide range of facilities, the industrial contractor you choose will likely have expertise in a certain area. For example, a capacity expansion of an industrial warehouse and product assembly facility would differ widely from equipment upgrades in a power plant.

Here is more information on the three major types of industrial service providers:

General Industrial Contracting

A general industrial contractor will often be tasked with projects ranging from new capital construction, plant maintenance and shutdowns & outages. Each project is unique and requires a different delivery approach depending on the size and scope of work. Project delivery may include general contracting, engineering, procurement & construction, design-build and self-perform trade services.

Industrial Maintenance Services

When you consider the types of industrial equipment and machinery used in automotive, aerospace, power/energy, chemical facilities, and large-scale manufacturing plants, you can understand why a certain amount of knowledge and expertise is required during critical maintenance projects.

Industrial maintenance contractors are an extension of plant operations that provide resources dedicated to routine maintenance, emergency repairs and major shutdowns & outages.

You should work with an experienced industrial maintenance contractor when working on critical and complex maintenance projects.

Industrial Rigging Services

Industrial rigging is another arm of industrial contracting services. From pre-planning to project operations to safety oversight, industrial riggers have many responsibilities; they are most often responsible for the lifting, movement, and accurate placement of extremely heavy machinery.

Industrial rigging includes utilizing forklifts, cranes, gantry systems, machine skates , and other speciality rigging to move or install heavy plant equipment.

Choosing the right industrial rigging contractor is critical to the overall safety performance of the project. . If the equipment cannot handle the load capacities, clear dangerous obstructions, and access the installation site, then the project is overrun with costs like new planning, rework, and bringing in the right equipment. Above the additional costs, the wrong contractor can result in plant delays and/or damage to expensive assets.

Heavy Industrial Contracting

Any manufacturing facility that uses heavy equipment or has an infrastructure that must support extremely large and heavy products will likely use a heavy industrial contractor for industrial plant maintenance, , new machinery installations, or decommissioning and removal of old equipment. These types of industries have a huge capital investment in both the facility and the equipment they use.

When this equipment needs handling, even though the machinery is robust, the operations are often very complex and critical to plant operations. . Choose an industrial contractor that can work with your schedule to execute projects during your scheduled shutdowns and outages.

Steel mills, power plants, chemical facilities, and other industrial processes like the food and beverage industry will require the expertise of companies like CCI Industrial Constructors to handle these types of projects.

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