Aerial view of CCI Industrial Constructor's crew pouring a large foundation

CCI’s Civil / Concrete Capabilities

Aerial view of CCI Industrial Constructor's crew pouring a large foundation

CCI Industrial Constructors is an industrial concrete contractor with nearly three decades of experience self-performing a wide range of civil / concrete projects, including building all types of foundations, equipment pads, industrial pits, poured walls, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. 

Read on to learn more about our capabilities.

Site Preparation

The specifics of site preparation for civil projects depend on the complexity of each job. However, whether the job includes the construction of foundations, industrial flooring, slab-on-grade , or large excavation projects, our general process typically involves:

  • Precise Engineering & Project Planning
  • Topsoil & Vegetation Removal
  • Excavation To Various Elevations
  • Fill Placement & Final Surface Prep
  • Utility Trenching And Installation

Our experts at CCI Industrial Constructors place a high value on the preciseness and thoroughness of site preparation because we know that substandard work during this phase can compromise the entire project.


Sometimes, it’s more economical to replace entire concrete structures than to repair them. Our team specializes in the demolition and removal of sunken concrete slabs, concrete structures with deep cracking, slabs, and surfaces with excessive pitting or spalling, improperly poured concrete, and concrete formations damaged by frost heaving.

Building Foundations

We have experience building all types of concrete foundations, including:

  • Mass Foundation
  • Caisson’s Foundations
  • Combined Footing/Spread Foundations
  • Deep Pile Foundations

Our vast industry experience, deep knowledge, and proven processes allow us to deliver high-quality results safely and on time.

Equipment Pads

CCI Industrial Constructors leverages expert engineering, high-quality materials, and modern equipment to ensure reliable concrete pads for industrial equipment. We offer new foundation pours and renovation services to meet your unique equipment-structural needs.

Industrial Pits

If you’re planning the construction of a press pit, deep machine foundation, or another type of industrial pit, turn to CCI. Our broad range of services includes , forming, shoring, trenching, embedded  rail/plate installation, structural support steel, and more.


Poured concrete walls offer superior lateral strength relative to traditional block-wall foundations. They also have no seams, strongly resist water and soil infiltration, and can be constructed quickly and efficiently. Trust CCI Industrial Constructors for exceptional results on every forming and pouring project.


Slab-on-grade foundations, also commonly called floating slabs, are formed by pouring concrete into a preformed mold inset into the earth. Our masonry experts understand every facet of the slab-on-grade construction process, and we deliver outstanding results every time.

Sidewalks, Curbs, & Gutters

Our engineering partners can develop custom plans for constructing concrete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks based on drainage volume, material volume, surface area, site preparation requirements, and other project-specific variables.

Trust Your Civil / Concrete Construction Management to CCI Industrial Constructors

For nearly three decades, businesses in many industries have trusted CCI Industrial Constructors to provide top-quality industrial, commercial, and civil construction services. We have a proven track record of success in self-performing many projects across the United States and Mexico and always take a Safety-First approach. 

Please contact us today to learn more about our civil / concrete capabilities or to schedule a project consultation.