Heavy Rigging Contractors

CCI Industrial Constructors has over 20 years of experience as a full-service, industrial general contractor that can handle a wide range of specialized construction tasks, including heavy rigging, machinery moving, and equipment installation. As heavy rigging contractors, we strive for an accident-free workplace with both efficient and safe processes.

CCI starts every heavy machinery lifting or steel erection process with proven in-house and field safety training and planning that includes:

  • Pre-task planning
  • Safety orientation and ongoing training
  • Safety monitoring and reporting
  • Preventative actions

As preferred heavy rigging contractors serving Metro Detroit and surrounding communities, our priority is the safety of our clients, our employees, and the public. Before starting any heavy rigging project, we consider the most economical and safe way to transport, lift and install your heavy equipment.

Industrial Rigging and Heavy Lifting

Our clients are confident in the experience CCI brings as problem solvers to industrial heavy rigging projects. That’s because of our proven history as heavy rigging contractors that can tackle projects of any size or weight and those that feature challenging or confined access.

CCI constructs a plan for each project, from relocating a single piece of machinery to installing complete equipment lines in new facilities. Our heavy rigging solutions are customized to be strategic, efficient, and safe. Our goal is to keep your projects moving on schedule and within budget by offering a more comprehensive service solution that includes:

  • Equipment disassembly and relocation
  • Machinery erecting
  • Transportation and heavy haul
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Precision leveling and alignment

Our full-service approach to heavy rigging operations will benefit our clients by providing a complete team of millwrights, riggers, operators, and equipment drivers. We use our most skilled tradesmen for machine disassembly, leveling, anchoring, and reconnecting so our customers can expect on-time commissioning and startup. 

Safe and Secure Heavy Rigging

Dismantling and moving heavy equipment can involve high-risk operations. To minimize the chance of accident or injury, CCI will apply our extensive knowledge as heavy rigging contractors to plan and execute your project precisely. When it comes to heavy rigging, a job done safely is a job done right.

That’s why CCI takes the time upfront to understand our clients’ needs fully, the equipment we will be handling, and the site we will be operating. We make one of the most dangerous construction jobs look easy because of the safety precautions and detailed processes we follow.

A poorly rigged load can result in accidents that range from worker injuries to catastrophic machinery damage. That’s why our planning always includes a safety checklist that considers the workload’s weight, the center of gravity, and surrounding area, along with an inspection and check of the integrity of our rigging and safety equipment.

Heavy Rigging Dismantling and Relocation

CCI is called upon as heavy rigging contractors to assist in many different types of machinery dismantling and relocation operations. We’ve worked with manufacturers that have increased their production floor square footage, added new process lines, or reconfigured their operations to include new technologies such as robotics or automated machinery.

Some of the equipment we service includes:

  • Machining Equipment
  • Robotic Cells
  • Welding Cells
  • Assembly Lines
  • CNC Machines
  • Boilers
  • Generators
  • Transformers & Switchgears
  • Crane Systems

When CCI dismantles and relocates your heavy equipment, we plan the most efficient operations possible to save our customers time and money. Our proven processes have been time-tested, and we use our industry knowledge and experience in dismantling and decommissioning projects to work for you.

The CCI Difference

What sets Commercial Construction Inc. apart from the competition is our laser-focused aim to deliver quality and timely heavy rigging services in every phase of your project. Our commitment to excellence is shown by our high repeat customer rates and customer referrals.

CCI keeps a database of Lessons Learned to reference what procedures have been successful in the past. This means knowledge gleaned from our seasoned supervisors can be easily transferred to first-year apprentices.

As heavy rigging contractors, CCI recognizes that no two projects are alike. We don’t make assumptions, nor do we take project details for granted. This is the CCI difference – we take the time to understand every client, project, and task before we proceed with heavy rigging operations.

Discover the CCI difference by speaking with one of our experienced project managers and estimators to request a quote or to learn more about our turn-key heavy rigging and machinery installation services.