Top 4 Benefits of Modernizing Your Plant Machinery

Outdated equipment is not only dangerous, but incredibly inefficient. If your equipment isn’t performing as well as it used to, or you’re using equipment that has since been discontinued by the manufacturer, it’s time to perform an overall assessment of your plant and potentially commission for new industrial equipment.

Many owners are hesitant to install new plant machinery because of the general overhead costs, but the long-lasting benefits far outweigh what the cost of the project will be.

Let’s take a look at the top four benefits of a new industrial equipment installation project.

1. Automation & Efficiency

Globally, businesses are increasingly impacted by growing populations and their demand for products. It can be challenging to not only meet that demand, but also rise above the competition, enhance operational efficiency, and improve your bottom line. 

So, how do you overcome this challenge? The answer is simple—automation systems. Automated industrial equipment is highly useful for many applications, including assembly/pick-and-place, welding, and more. And, automated equipment helps to reduce overall production time and improve accuracy. That’s why nearly every manufacturer is either in the process of automating their machinery or allocating funds to begin soon.

If you’re interested in automated industrial equipment installation, contact CCI  today. We’ve installed  a wide array of tooling from automation suppliers, including Kuka, Gonzalez, and Valiant TMS.

2. Safety

Next, modernizing and upgrading your plant’s machinery will increase overall workplace safety in several ways. This is largely because automated systems require little human involvement to operate. If workers are not present alongside the machinery as it is operating, they are far less likely to be injured at work.

Automated machines also perform all the heavy lifting and perform other processes that are impossible or exceedingly difficult for humans, again reducing the risk of injury.

3. Productivity

Beyond worker safety, a new industrial equipment installation project will eventually lead to better productivity.

Automated plant machinery improves productivity by tirelessly performing tasks that humans find repetitive, boring, and/or exhausting. Although automated machines still need maintenance, they don’t get sick, need breaks, or experience pain and injury. By reducing manual tasks for your employees, they can focus on other high-value tasks.

4. Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Installing automated machinery decreases manufacturing lead times, which will help you get your products to customers faster. By reducing the need for maintenance and downtime, automation can also lead to better product quality, increased output, more sales, higher operational efficiency, and in turn, better brand trust. These factors all contribute to increased profit and more appreciable gains for shareholders.

Upgrade Your Equipment Today

Making the commitment to invest in an industrial equipment installation project can radically reshape your financial future, improving your capacity to remain viable and profitable. If you have questions about upgrading your equipment, or want to start your installation project, turn to CCI  today. 

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Please contact us with your questions. We welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations and help you increase the safety and profit of your workplace.