The Difference Between Industrial & Warehouse Spaces

Many people use “industrial warehousing” and “industrial space” interchangeably, but there are key differences between these two types of spaces. In this month’s blog post, we’ll discuss both types of spaces, their primary functions, and how to select the best type of space for your needs.

Industrial Spaces

Machinery on a flatbed being placed into industrial storage

By definition, “industry” involves production and manufacturing, and that’s the key defining characteristic that differentiates industrial and warehouse spaces. Industrial spaces are typically equipped to accommodate heavy machinery and/or manufactured products.

Many industrial spaces may also include office spaces, so that all phases of a company’s operations can be performed in the same location.

Warehousing Spaces

forklift by industrial equipment inside a warehouse

Warehouses are typically only used for storing inventory that’s awaiting shipment. A warehouse may also be home to loading docks, office spaces, and machinery rooms, as needed to facilitate efficient operations. Distribution centers used for packing, storing, and shipping merchandise may also be classified as commercial warehouse spaces.

Determining Your Needs

When choosing between these two spaces, the primary factor to consider is the nature of your company’s operations.

If you only need space to store goods, then a commercial warehouse space is probably your best solution. However, if you are fabricating or assembling products or machinery in-house, then you should probably explore the industrial warehousing spaces available in your area.

Or, perhaps you have no need for a manufacturing or assemblage space, but will need offices, meeting rooms, loading docks, or a storage space for equipment. In that case, you may need a warehouse space that’s been modified to accommodate those needs.

In addition to the primary use of the space, you’ll also want to consider the amount of storage space you need. If you need a lot of storage space, you’ll most likely need a warehouse.

While the differences between these two types of commercial spaces may seem mundane, it’s important to carefully consider your needs and choose the best space for your needs. Choosing the wrong type of space can cost you both money and time.

Why Choose an Industrial Space?

If your company has many different types of operations, including production, packaging, and assembly, you’ll most likely want to find an industrial space for rent. In many cases, a warehouse space cannot accommodate machinery unloading or loading, heavy transport or delivery coordination.

Why Choose a Warehouse Space?

A warehouse may be the better option for you if your company does not manufacture or assemble products. However, if your company does expand its services and capabilities, it may be more feasible to retrofit your existing warehousing space rather than purchase a separate industrial space. Consider your budget, what your company offers now, and if your company is planning on expanding in the near future.

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