Industrial Rigging

Commercial Construction, Incorporated provides single-source rigging services for the removal, relocation and installation of industrial equipment. Heavy rigging requires complex planning and flawless execution, and that’s what we do. Our rigging teams are trained in a range of turnkey services to facilitate even your most challenging operations.

Whether we are Installing an industrial assembly system or relocating an injection-molding machine for you, you can trust us to prioritize safety at every lift. CCI leaves no stone unturned when designing a safety management plan for your project. A look at our zero-incident safety model provides some details.

Safety First

Our commitment to safety management enables employees, subcontractors and management to be well versed in a common knowledge base of safety practices for heavy rigging. We train our workforces not only for the safest work practices but also for their understanding of the importance of safety. 

CCI’s safety model is based on our zero-incident, zero-injury safety mission. Some of the ways we apply our high standard to your project may include:

  1. Integration of CCI and client safety expectations
  2. Daily pre-task planning
  3. Safety orientations
  4. Safety-plan implementation
  5. Monitoring and reporting
  6. Regular re-evaluation
  7. Ongoing prevention and training operations

If our project managers determine any element on any job site fails to meet our safety plan, we immediately augment our education and training program to reflect the safest solutions. 

Our long-established allegiance to health and safety is not just an aspect of our service; it’s a cornerstone of our corporate mission. Successful heavy rigging demands a significant safety management plan, and ours have proven to be airtight.

Rigging Capabilities 

With two decades of experience, we are equipped to provide a spectrum of turnkey services, across industries. Some examples include:

  1. Equipment and Machinery: Decommissioning an injection-molding machine or relocating an assembly system requires extensive knowledge. Our experience enables us to jump in, plan and execute rigging for any project scope, from on-site relocations to extensive international projects.
  2. Robotics: CCI can design a custom rigging process for replacing or relocating your CNC machine or robotic cell. Our experienced rigging crews support every phase of the process, including lifting, transport, placement and anchoring.
  3. Power Generation Equipment: When you need an industrial transformer installed, we know you are against the clock. Our teams routinely execute critical lifts to remove or install generators, boilers’ process equipment and more.

CCI welcomes the challenges presented by heavy equipment rigging. We strive to bring quality work, seamless project coordination and safety-first values to every phase of your project.

Relocation Capabilities

Removing obsolete equipment, expanding a facility or modifying a production line requires extensive planning and expert knowledge of heavy rigging. Seamless coordination of people and processes are second nature for us. We make sure our project teams and heavy machinery moving equipment work in concert to remove and relocate your equipment safely and on time.

Local Advantage

CCI proudly serves Michigan and adjacent mid-west regions. We find that our customers appreciate working with a local rigging company to manage projects out of town. Our national union agreement allows us to hire expert labor forces which helps us streamline any rigging job. A close proximity also enables us to form stronger partnerships with our customers, deploy equipment and resources quickly and deliver on schedule.

At CCI, we firmly believe your success is our success, and we hold that focus every step of the way. Our commitment to customer satisfaction shows in our work and our enduring customer relationships. Whatever your site, scheduling or cost considerations, CCI is eager to help. The next time your operation requires heavy rigging to support heavy equipment processes, see for yourself how our customer-driven rigging and relocation services can benefit your project. Call us, and we can start designing your plan today.