Industrial Machinery Movers

Most businesses choose to relocate at some point to increase opportunities or reduce costs. However, if you are a heavy equipment user, the task of moving can be very challenging. Moving heavy equipment pieces requires specialized equipment and a complex assembly and disassembly process. Securing an efficient heavy machinery movers company is vital to the safety of your equipment and your crew. CCI Industrial Constructors provides turnkey solutions and is a leader in the heavy machinery moving industry. We use our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry to provide a safe, comprehensive, and ethical service. 

Safe, Quality Heavy Machinery Moving Performance 

Among other concerns, industrial business owners need to choose a mover with expertise in the rigging process. The primary consideration in any industrial rigging plan should be safety. CCI Industrial Constructors is committed to safety and we continuously work in close conjunction with client leadership, field personnel and our moving specialists. We consistently adapt our safety rules to align with industry best practices and we regularly communicate those changes to our staff and customers. CCI Industrial Constructors has implemented a logistical moving process to reduce employee injuries while keeping equipment safe and costs low. Further, we are Avetta and ISNetworld certified, symbolizing our commitment to supply chain risk management. We are committed to using the safest, most effective equipment and processes.  

Expert Equipment Required for Machinery Moving 

A heavy machinery moving company must be equipped with specialized equipment to transport heavy machinery safely. CCI Industrial Constructors houses various lifts with varying carrying capacities to move a wide variety of equipment pieces safely. After the equipment has been lifted, it needs to be transported. We work with a fleet of vehicles, including trailers, semi-trucks, pickup trucks and utility trailers, to transport your heavy machinery. The other equipment we utilize to make the machinery moving process go as smoothly as possible include: 

  • Tractors and trailers
  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Gantries
  • Rigging equipment
  • Die carts

No matter the machinery you need moving, we have the equipment to provide safe transportation. Our specialist teams have access to our large equipment inventory that includes moving, rigging and transportation equipment to get the job done. 

Professional Dismantling and Reassembly Services 

CCI Industrial Constructors provides turnkey dismantling and reassembly services. Many pieces of industrial machinery are so heavy it needs to be disassembled to transport and reassemble at its new location. Many industrial movers do not provide this critical service and leave it up to the client to dismantle and reassemble their own equipment, increasing the risk of injuries and equipment malfunction in the future. 

Our riggers and industrial movers have the experience to quickly and efficiently identify the best way to break down, transport and reassemble your machinery. We use schematics and blueprints to ensure your equipment is correctly assembled. We utilize a process called match marking to ensure all parts are reconstructed in the correct position. We own precision leveling equipment which ensures each component is reassembled according to the specified tolerances.

Work With a Heavy Machinery Moving Expert

Are you looking for machine movers to relocate your equipment to a new location? Look no further than CCI Industrial Constructors We have transported equipment in the medical, construction, agriculture, and aerospace. Our inventory includes specialized equipment to dismantle, move and reassemble your equipment quickly and safely. Our technical team is regularly trained in the newest standards in safety, safety, and equipment. Contact us today to get your gear up and moving so you can start operations in your new location.