Heavy Machinery Installation Service

Once receiving standalone factory machinery, large production line systems, or materials handling equipment at the factory dock, you want it installed immediately to get your operations running at full capacity. Commercial Construction Incorporated provides efficient and dependable installation services to companies of all sizes. We get the equipment relocated and set up for your work projects.

Machine Installation

Heavy equipment may arrive at your factory as a whole piece or as smaller pieces that must be assembled into a full unit. Our experienced technicians immediately get to work to safely install heavy machinery during emergency shutdowns, factory relocations, and new line installations. When you have equipment to install yet lack the maintenance staff experienced with such tasks, CCI gets the job done. For more information about heavy industrial contracting, read our blog here!

When looking to install industrial heavy equipment, it requires understanding how the equipment will optimally fit into operations. We work with planning the setup of the machinery as well as how it connects to utilities and hydraulic systems. We perform the necessary precision leveling of equipment and alignment work so workers can get equipment systems up and running immediately. We also ensure that heavy machinery is rigged and anchored properly to promote workplace safety.

Types of Machine Installation Services

Machine installation services that Commercial Construction Inc provides will be dependent on your operations. We work with standalone equipment, production line systems, and full factory upgrades. Our company offers the turn-key solutions that manufacturers rely on to stay productive.

Types of industrial and mechanical systems we install include material handling equipment. We install conveyor belts, overhead cranes, industrial monorails, and hoists. When materials must be moved from one location to another in the most efficient manner, these installed systems keep productivity up to acceptable levels.

CCI also installs specialized heavy equipment including pumps, boilers, ovens, compactors, CNC equipment, pallet racks, balers, and much more. The equipment installation process could be as simple as installing the available couplings to placing in entire blowers and dust collector systems. If your company has a simple or complex piece of heavy machinery, our professional technicians have the experience to get it set up quickly and safely. If you need an industrial contractor, here are 3 things to consider.

Machinery Moving and Installation

Many companies need a variety of services at one time. They may require disassembly of old equipment, relocation of the equipment to other work floor areas, and the installation of new equipment. Your company may also require refurbishment or upgrade work for large production systems. Here at CCI, we assist you with the moving and installation of machinery no matter if it is a small or large project.

Our moving and installation services may involve providing turnkey solutions. These services handle the entire process from retro-fit projects to design/build/install of heavy machinery. We also handle the disassembly of heavy machinery, rigging, moving, and transportation. We can work on entire industrial factory move if relocating operations to larger or smaller plant buildings. By having one company perform the moving and installation, you can have peace of mind that every machine was installed correctly following specific manufacturer specifications.

Additional services we provide may include installing air pollution control systems, air handling systems, and electrical services related to the installation and moving of your heavy machinery. Every part of your equipment will be serviced and in working order.


Limit unnecessary downtimes and have your equipment up and running in an efficient manner. Commercial Construction Inc. offers the heavy machinery installation suitable for a range of industries including manufacturing, chemical, plastics, R&D, and many others. Contact our company today to learn more about our installation services for your operations.

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