Choosing the Right Rigging Company in Michigan

When looking for a rigging company in Michigan, it is important to choose one that exclusively uses high-performing equipment. Rigging operations involve lifting and moving very heavy equipment or machinery. If the right equipment isn’t used, it’s a safety risk to both workers and the public.

CCI Industrial Constructors has been a leading rigging company in Michigan since 1997. We not only focus on safety, but also on quality and customer support. Keep reading to learn more about industrial rigging, and how we can help make your next construction project that much easier.

What Is Industrial Rigging?

Plant relocations, factory expansions, and new equipment installations are all examples of industrial rigging. When you work with a professional rigging company in Michigan, they can help you develop a plan to safely raise, lift, skate, or slide equipment into place using heavy equipment.

Industrial rigging often requires the use of a steel beam framework to maneuver a host crane across. Other times, a heavy rope, chain, or other sling-type apparatus can be used when the load is lighter. Additional rigging tools and hardware can also be incorporated to assist in equipment attachment and movement, including rigging hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, eye bolts, and steel nuts.

The movement and accurate placement of heavy equipment and/or machinery is the primary goal of industrial rigging, as well as enhancing safety and minimizing risks. For example, when a mobile overhead crane is used, particular attention is paid to crane stabilization, enforcing safety zones, wind speeds, equipment inspections, and the qualifications of the crane operator.

By hiring a professional company, you won’t have to worry about industrial rigging mishaps.

Tips for Hiring a Rigging Company in Michigan

Not all rigging companies in Michigan are the same, and choosing one based on the lowest bid can have catastrophic consequences. Always make sure the rigging company you select is qualified for the type of machinery you need to lift, and that the company’s equipment can handle the load capacity. Other considerations for hiring the right rigging company in Michigan, include:

  • Experience: Are they experienced in what you require, including plant relocations, machinery placement, equipment dismantling, and removal?
  • Qualifications: When you discuss your needs, are they confident they have the combination of equipment needed to accomplish your project without delays?
  • Safety: Do professional riggers put employee and client safety first?

CCI Puts Safety First

Commercial Construction Incorporated (CCI) has over 20 years of experience. We specialize in the dismantling, movement, and installation of large industrial machinery associated with plant relocations, new installations or retooling projects. We always put safety first to protect your assets and your personnel while completing your projects efficiently.

CCI’s Experience in Michigan

CCI Industrial Constructors has proudly served Michigan and surrounding states for more than 25 years, delivering flawless results on difficult projects that are critical to our clients’ success.

Some of our most notable projects in Michigan include:

Baffle System Replacements (Carson City, MI)

CCI Industrial Constructors removed and installed the combustion turbine exhaust baffle systems on all four Westinghouse W501D Units in Carson City, MI. Our self-perform teams and suppliers were responsible for all phases of:

  • Conceptual & Final Engineering
  • Removal & Installation
  • Detailing & Fabrication

We achieved highly efficient results ahead of schedule, and without accidents, while also managing scaffolding, insulation, and painting subcontractors.

Heavy Equipment Decommission & Relocation (Warren, MI)

CCI Industrial Constructors also completed various decommissioning and relocation projects for the General Motors Transmission Plant in Warren, MI. We aided in dismantling and relocating chillers, cooling towers, piping, structural steel, and electrical equipment from Waterford, MI,  Pontiac, MI, Romulus, MI, and Warren, MI to Tonawanda, NY. 

Our capacity to provide heavy rigging equipment, including a 115-ton mobile crane and a 90-ton rough terrain crane, allowed us to successfully complete these projects on time, and without any accidents.

Choose CCI for Your Rigging Services in Michigan

CCI is a full-service industrial rigging company. No matter what type of project we’re working on, we focus on the details. When you work with us, you can expect a commitment to your needs, including dispatching highly qualified crews specialized rigging equipment and continuously monitoring safety.

You can depend on us for your dismantling and relocation needs, as well as new equipment installation of a wide variety of machinery, including boilers, CNC machines, generators, transformers, robotic cells, and switchgear.

CCI also offers short- and long-term warehouse space for storing heavy machinery and equipment when it is not in use. Our 26,000 square feet of heated and secure space can even be used to store equipment with instrumentation and controls that require a temperate environment.

As an industry leader of rigging services in Michigan, CCI follows in-office quality management processes and in-field quality control practices to ensure that our step-by-step plans result in the best customer experience possible.

Visit CCI online to view our project portfolio, or fill out our form to request a quote.