Sustainability Focus

Our Sustainability Program was developed to ensure our business practices reflect our corporate philosophy of minimizing impacts to the environment through avoidance, protection and sustainable operations at all levels of our organization.

Through continuous improvement of our services, processes and solutions we are able to reduce costs and impacts to the environment by minimizing the use of materials, energy, water and land. To assist with our sustainability strategy, we conduct an annual Utility Industry Sustainable Alliance Survey that measures our performance and sustainability efforts in the management of our waste and other variables that affect the environment.

As a commitment to being an outstanding corporate citizen, we have built our program around four pillars:

  1. Reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment
  2. Promoting diversity in the workplace and partnering with diverse suppliers
  3. Advocating and supporting a safe and healthy work environment
  4. Leading volunteer activities to give back to the communities in which we live in

Through practicing these standards, we are investing in the long-term environmental, economic and social health of our organization, employees and communities.


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